API Documentation

Currently there is not a lot to the API. Use the following API call to generate one or more passwords which are returned as a json string. In the future we plan to support different formats, api keys, and more.

POST /api/v1/passwords

POST requests are recommended but GET requests will work as well. All parameters are optional. Please do sign up for our newsletter if you plan on using this API as we may require an API key in the future.

The following parameters and values are supported, all are optional.

                        count: 1-100
                        length: 1-100
                        capital: 1 or 0   // Upper case letters
                        lower: 1 or 0     // Lower case letters
                        special: 1 or 0   // Special characters
                        numbers: 1 or 0   // Numbers
                        spaces: 1 or 0    // Spaces

All parameters should be sent as form data. No parameters will generate random results.